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Client Testimonials

Let me express my gratitude for the way and manner in which your Law Office handled my immigration issues in September 2010. I was completing my US citizenship application and thought that I could get through it without consulting an immigration attorney. I guess that my presumption of “do it yourself” is not different from the attitude of many other folks with immigration problems. This mentality may complicate the situation and may result in denial of potential immigration benefits. I am so grateful for the excellent professional services that I received, in guiding me through the entire process including the citizenship interview preparation. I owe the success and promptness of my citizenship approval to your due diligence and hard work. Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you in future to file for my siblings.
~ Remain blessed

Rev. Fr. Azuka Iwuchukwu, PhD. Washington, DC

Attorney Buihe Okenu was so passionate about legal immigration that she worked so hard to ensure the collection of all necessary documentation to file my case. I thank her for her patience and persistence with my employers and referees on impressing on them the need for their letters towards my immigration process. I am excited about meeting and working with this Immigration Attorney and will be happy to recommend her to friends and colleagues with immigration issues in the future. Thank you very much for an excellent legal representation.


Attorney Buihe was very responsive to my questions and made out time to get to me in a timely manner. She is very knowledgeable in the area I needed help with.


My wife and I have known and worked with Attorney Buihe Okenu for almost 3 years now and have nothing but the utmost respect for her and her firm. We have crossed and overcome so many obstacles within the immigration process and all to the credit of Attorney Okenu since we could have never done it without her. We started with my wife simply needing to change her status of residence in the US and apply for her Green Card within a short amount of time limited by her visa. We really didn’t know what we were in for so we needed to find a lawyer fast to make sure we were doing everything correctly. Lucky for us we found Attorney Buihe Okenu who was quick and extremely up to date with the procedures and proceedings that were needed. It really does show when someone takes pride in their profession and understands their job at such a high level and that we are always grateful for meeting her.

With the wait times being our only enemy for the immigration process, Attorney Okenu was always in contact with us asking for updates and educating us in detail of what is required or what to expect next and sure enough, it all unraveled like she mentioned and we were most impressed with the results. Other lawyers that we asked before Okenu Law wanted consultation funds before information was even exchanged. Now, I realize that is how it is done in a lot of firms but another thing that makes Okenu Law so unique is that they provide a product before such dealings and for a fair amount as well. We never once felt like we were being taken advantage of and we always felt more than comfortable the whole time we have been working with Attorney Okenu.

After the green card success, we also needed our daughter to get her visa and eventually live with us in the US since she had been living with her grandparents for most of her childhood years at the time overseas. That is a grueling process and crazy amount of work to get an immigrant visa finalized for anyone that has needed to undergo such an ordeal. Again, every question we had was met with extremely accurate information which was helpful as well as crucial to our paperwork needs. I think the best part about our whole relationship as a client to our attorney was the quick turn around for every response whether it was via email or a call to the office. We never waited at all to hear from our lawyer even though we were living almost 5,000 miles away! With the help of Attorney Buihe Okenu, my wife and I have finally reunited with our daughter and that in itself makes us extremely grateful for and forever indebted to her. We feel like she is more than just “our Attorney” but also a friend who cares and a good one at that. Thank you again Buihe.

Dean and Fai Atwa, Alaska, USA

I totally recommend the Law office of the Attorney Buihe Okenu!!  We want to thank her for the great work she did. She handled a bankruptcy case and a petition of residence for my husband.   I love the fact that she is very professional and devoted to each case she handles. Buihe even worked around our schedule. We definitely will request of her services again.

Thanks again!

Patricia Diaz, Snellville GA

At a time when immigration law is particularly complex, controversial and ever-changing, it’s vital to have an attorney with her finger on the pulse. For us, that attorney is Pauline Okenu. Not only does she know the law, she knows how to help her clients navigate the legal labyrinth involved in immigration. Thanks, Pauline, for a job well done! Liz McRoberts, Georgia USA

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